Solar Street Lights
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Solar Street Lights
By using solar street lights it help you to save power consumption and also enables to saves your valuable money
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Solar Power Plant
Solar power plant uses sunlight to generate energy that produces huge amount electrical energy for industries,
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Solar Garden Lights
Solar garden lights enable not only to save energy but also using to decorate gardens that make your garden pleasant
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Solar Water Heater
solar water heaters bangalore
Solar water heater are used to heat water for the purpose of drinking and other purposes
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Prosun India Customers
We prosun india have some world wide popular cutomers from all across the globe
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Guarantee/ISI Certification
Gurantee and ISI Certification
Prosun india has the registered ISI certification and we also provide 100% gurantee for all our products
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Solar Street Lights India

Our Solar Street Light enables reduced consumption of power to illuminate your atmosphere and to provide a perfect ambience. As one of the leading Solar Street Lighting manufacturers, we offer a wide range of products such as the solar street light , solar CFL, Solar LEDS, solar lantrm etc. It is the best available technology that reduces power consumption to a great extent.

On an annual basis, a Solar Street Lamp can bring down the power consumption so much that tangible results could be witnessed on your annual energy usage statistics. It saves you a lot of money by cutting down on the maintenance costs too. We understand this technology as a technology that everyone needs to upgrade to. It may be used for several purposes and applications in our surroundings.

They can be best used at walkways, parks, roads, runways, highways, party sites, etc. They are easy to install and set up as they do not require laying of specific routes for wires, cables, etc. They get switched on and off with the help of photocells and set timers. A Solar Street Lamp is easy to install within a day by fixing the panels in a way that makes it highly efficient and effective.

As one of the best Solar Street Lighting manufacturers, we understand the need for producing Solar Street Lamps of various sizes to fit various panels. We are well aware of the fact that each and every place is different from the other. So, we make panels, batteries and lamps in different sizes to make them fit universally. We also design attractive solar street lamps to render an aesthetic touch to the LED lamps, CFLs, etc.

With growing concerns on greenhouse gases for both the governments and the general populace of various countries, the icing on the cake is that newer technologies implemented in cities and rural areas can help reduce illumination costs of streets too. Cities require street lights and so it is an invariable expense for those concerned to illuminate the roads. We have set out to reduce those costs by producing, distributing and marketing inexpensive, low maintenance, easy to install and power saving.